Litigation & arbitration

Dispute Resolution Practice

Anand Advocates LLP has extensive experience in complex litigation, and arbitration experience and is considered as most trusted litigation partner for foreign investors. We have extensive experience in representing foreign, domestic and multinational corporations, financial institutions in a complex commercial litigation matters in Mongolia and it is significantly strengthening the depth of services we provide to clients.

Our litigation team provides comprehensive and effective legal services in all types of administrative, civil and commercial litigation involving complex    issues    across a  broad  range  of  fields,  including corporate, contract enforcement, compliance, finance, investment and tax.

In order to provide the most comprehensive and effective services throughout the course of litigation, the litigation team cooperates with experts at the firm specializing in areas such as international trade, M&A, finance, and securities.

The litigation team represents clients from the pre-trial stage by advising on trial and evidentiary procedures, and provides comprehensive legal services to ensure the enforcement of our clients’ rights. We utilize various pre-trial measures such as provisional attachments and preliminary injunction in order to achieve clients’ desired outcomes.

There are attorneys who have gained decades of experience at our firm. In addition, litigation team includes former judges with extensive experience exceeding 30 years of work in courts of different kinds, allowing us to use this experience in the interests of our clients. Key decisions offered to the client are discussed by a legal team comprised of two or three lawyers, enabling us to make a deliberate and efficient team decision.

We are specialized in resolving commercial, general corporate, real estate, tax, investment disputes as well as other types of disputes.

Our services:

  • litigation risk analysis;
  • developing a litigation strategy;
  • developing a stance in legal action, preparing legal opinions;
  • pre-trial dispute settlement;
  • collection of evidence, preparation of statements of claim, complaints, motions and other service documents;
  • representing clients at the stage of execution proceedings;
  • enforcement of judgments as part of execution proceedings;
  • injunctive relief measures in foreign arbitrage proceedings;
  • enforcement of foreign judgments and international arbitral awards;
  • drafting and execution of settlement agreements and;
  • assistance in administrative inquiries and procedures carried out by government agencies;

“If someone asked me to recommend a lawyer in Mongolia I’d have no hesitation – his [Batzaya Bodikhuu] work is thorough and delivered in timely fashion, and he will respond to requests within few hours “