The firm helps clients identify, protect, and commercially exploit their intellectual property (IP) interests, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Our services include advice and support in respect of:

  • registration and protection of patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights;
  • verification of the compliance of the distributorship;
  • drafting of the licensing and franchising agreements in accordance with the local legislation;
  • registration of the agreements with relevant government body;
  • information search, preparation and filing of an application for the international registration of a trademark;
  • analysis of the IP case or dispute, protection of IP rights in courts;
  • drafting of expert opinions and;
  • protection of trademark rights in the state authorities, including courts;

Our notable clients are Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Philip Morris International, Spirit Product International Company, Herbalife, Mongol Daatgal LLC and Mongolian Airlines Group LLC

“If someone asked me to recommend a lawyer in Mongolia I’d have no hesitation – his [Batzaya Bodikhuu] work is thorough and delivered in timely fashion, and he will respond to requests within few hours “